Shepherding Leaders of Worship

How to Use This Site

Links (included in each section)


Worship Prep — Personal

  • Study the various sections to see what articles can help you.
  • Spend time each week to improve your skill in music.
  • Video yourself each week, then watch it to learn to be a better leader.
  • Be a student of each instrument in your band so you can communicate clearly.
  • Respect each person who serves in the media part of your ministry.

Worship Prep — Team

  • Know each of your teams strengths and weaknesses.
  • Help them find resources in the Worship Prep section.
  • Find helpful online resources in the Links section for your team.
  • Hold each person accountable to grow in their skill.
  • Have other team members evaluate you and your leadership.

Worship Prep — Congregational

  • You are the leader. Lead those who come to worship.
  • Determine the areas where you need to improve.
  • Find articles on this site that will help you lead them better.
  • Find links on this site that will also help you.
  • Communicate clearly. Respect all ages. Lead them well.


Dig Deep — Personal Growth

  • Dedicate time each day to focus on your own spiritual growth.
  • Know what you believe.
  • Study prayers in the Bible and spend time in prayer.
  • Find and study one Key Worship Word each week.
  • Get to know the Links Sections and online resources.

Dig Deep — Team Growth

  • Encourage each of your team to be walking with the Lord daily.
  • Study together a Key Worship Word (or an article from the Dig Deep section).
  • Take a few minutes in each rehearsal to grow as a team spiritually.
  • Hold each other accountable for time spent in the word and prayer each week.
  • Be sure each person on your team understands the role of leading worship.

Dig Deep — Congregational Growth

  • Find a Key Worship Word article that applies to one of the songs you will be leading.
  • Study the Key Worship Word each day for one week before you lead the song.
  • Look for ways you can use what you have learned with the congregation.
  • Share in an email, in a written format, on the screens, and between two songs.
  • Use moments each week to help the congregation grow in corporate and personal worship.


Lead Well — Personal Development

  • Evaluate yourself and be intentional to become a better leader.
  • Study one personal characteristic per week.
  • Pray that God will show you more about that characteristic.
  • Seek to be more ________. (humble, gentle, kind, patient, passionate, etc.) all week.
  • Look for and acknowledge this characteristic in others throughout the week.

Lead Well — Team Development

  • Study (with your team) one of the Shepherding My Team articles each week.
  • Study a Character Development Topic (Truth, Forgiving, etc) each week.
  • Expect each person to study for a few minutes each day.
  • Ask them to share insights at your next team rehearsal.
  • Pray for them and pray together as a group.

Lead Well — Congregation Development

  • Respect those you lead.
  • Be sensitive to all ages.
  • Be excellent in all you do both on and off the platform.
  • Communicate often and follow through completely in everything you do.
  • Flee from ego and pride that is in you and walk in humility.