Able to Follow

Have you ever thought how much leadership changes in the course of one song?

DRUMS: the drummer starts the tempo
ACOUSTIC GUITAR: begins the intro
LEAD VOCAL: leads the people to sing
ANOTHER VOCALIST: possibly leads the next verse
LEAD GUITAR: takes the bridge while scripture in on the screens
LEAD VOCAL: leads the people to sing again

and on it goes….

The only way to experience excellence in music is by learning how and when to lead and how and when to follow.

We have all been there…. a vocalist begins to lead the congregation to sing a verse. At the same time, the piano or electric guitar begins a bridge or transition in the music. Someone immediately has to give in to the leadership of the other. If not, the train wreck just became a distraction in worship.

As the leader, be intentional with allowing others to lead you when it is appropriate. Use the time to help them learn to be a better leader. You, the leader, focus on how to be a better follower. Your leaders will appreciate you and your example.