Finding New Talent

Many worship leaders struggle to find gifted musicians with a heart after the Lord.

Process. Some gifted musicians have a lot of humility and will hold back from asking to be a part of the worship team. Others who want to sing may be very persistent in finding out how they can be on the team. It is important to determine your process and be consistent as you look.

Expectations. You must set the expectations for your team.  What instruments will be a part of your band? How many vocals is the ideal number? What is the minimum number of instrumentalists in the band? What is an absolute must in order for you to have quality music? How do you define success? What are your expectations for quality rehearsals? When will the group rehearse? Know the answers to these questions before you add someone to your team.

Auditions. A simple audition will help you understand musical giftedness. Even though someone has strong music strengths, their style may not be a fit. Be careful to not use every musician just because they are there.

Heart. This is often the most difficult to evaluate. You don’t want to be a judge of heart, but you can use discernment to help you know that the potential leader is a committed Jesus follower. You are looking for strong character and a humble spirit.

Ask. When you need a specific instrument or vocal, ask key leaders in area churches if there is someone in their church who would be willing to come and help you. Sometimes there are great musicians in local churches who are not using their talents and nearby churches who need help.

Quality leaders are always looking for those who are truly able to be an extension of the worship ministry.