Prayer in Worship

As you plan, find creative ways to include prayer in the flow of worship.

Silent Prayer. Read a scripture or a responsive reading followed by a focused time of prayer. (have an instrument play). Place the instructions or words on the screen and be silent.

Read a prayer from scripture. Have the words on the screen and tell the congregation about the prayer before you read it. Then, spend a moment in silence meditating on the scripture.

Small groups. Have everyone get into groups of 3 or 4. Then, have one person be the designated person to pray. As an instrument plays softly (or in complete silence) tell the groups how you want them to pray. List one thing. Let them pray. Tell them the next item. Let them pray. Etc. Then, during the last prayer time, repeat the chorus of the last song, or go to the next song.

Have a child lead in prayer. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them.” Matthew 19:14 (ESV). Instruct a child to pray at an appointed time in the service. The child’s voice will be encouraging to some individuals to enter into prayer, and come before Him like a child.

Read aloud while entering. Communicate to everyone outside the doors of the worship center to enter in silence. Have several designated individuals near the entrance doors reading scripture aloud as each person enters. Continue reading aloud until after the music begins.